Welcome! I offer prints and products from adventures in the mountains. Please check those out under my "shop" page. I also offer adventure photography sessions and commercial work. Please inquire under the "contact" page for specifics and details. 

I'm located in Kalispell Montana (quite close to Glacier National Park), but travel to wherever I can, whenever I can.

Some of my choice adventures include hunting, fishing, hiking, backpacking, camping, swimming in ice water, snowboarding, iceskating, and pretty much anything else that gets me outside.

I also shoot portraits, weddings, and families. . . If you think you should be on that site, visit: www.joannaadamsphoto.com

Our Story - by joanna adams

Hi there. Iā€™m Joanna Adams. My love for adventure - the mountains - everything outside started when I was a kid. I always wanted to be outside, playing army with the boys, digging in the garden, feeding the animals on our little homestead. I remember a few years, my dad would take each of us on a camping trip. I lived for those moments. When I became a teenager, I would take a day hunting, fishing, camping, hiking over any other place. We had some wild adventures - winter camping in zero degrees temperatures with no tent (just huddle around the fire like that ancients did), hiking down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon in one day (just because they had signs of big burly men that basically said, "don't try it."), dragging harvested animals out of the woods, missing more animals than I care to admit, finding tops of mountains that so many have failed to ever experience. 

Joanna Adams - Photographer

And then. . .

Life has happened quick (like they all say it will) and I have found an amazing husband (I knew he was right when he threw the deer I got to shoot on his shoulder and packed them out) and 3 kiddos 4 years old and younger. I have tried to give them as much time outside as I can. Yesterday, my eldest told me she "wanted some fresh air" so we went outside in the April snow (did I mention I live in Montana. The sun rarely shines and we freeze, but it's wonderful) and froze a little bit.

This blog is about all of the good times and bad times in the mountains. I heard on the Meat-eaters television show (I'm totally going to mess it up), but basically the idea was that most of the time, the more miserable the experience is in the mountains, the better the story - even the fonder the memory.